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Our Upcoming Food Processing & Clean Room Trade Show Schedule:

IAAPA Attractions Expo
Nov 14-17
Orlando, FL
Booth # 4278

Jan 8-10
Portland, OR
Booth # 1138

Jan 30 - Feb 1
Atlanta, GA
Booth # C870

MD&M West
Feb 6 - 8
Anaheim, CA
Booth # 2372

CLFP Food Processing Expo
Feb 21-22
Sacramento, CA
Booth # 414/416


Meritech CEO Recently Featured in a QA Magazine Food Safety Article
(August 14 2015; Golden, CO) Our CEO, Jim Glenn, was recently featured in a QA (Quality Assurance) Magazine article highlighting the critical nature of employee hand and footwear hygiene to food safety. Read more.

Meritech Automated Handwashing Systems Now with Integrated Hand Dryers
(July 21 2015; Golden, CO) Meritech’s new CleanTech 500EZA, 2000SA, and 4000SA automated handwashing stations now include an integrated, high pressure Air Dryer which completely or partially dries the hands after the fully automated wash to reduce paper towel waste. Read more.

Meritech’s Automated Handwashing Systems Help Rudy’s BBQ Win The Sani Award™ for Best Food Safety Focused Guest Experience
(April 22 2015; Golden, CO) K&N Management, licensed area developer for the Austin area Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ and the owners of Mighty Fine Burgers, Fries & Shakes fast casual restaurants, reminds employees and customers that the company is committed to a strong Food Safety Culture by utilizing Meritech’s CleanTech Automated Handwashing Systems… Read more.

New Line of Controlled Access Handwashing Systems for Employee Hygiene; Raising the Bar to Meet New Food Safety Standards and Regulations
(April 6 2015; Golden, CO) Meritech’s new CleanTech 2000SCA Automated Handwashing System with Controlled Access option insures complete control of hand hygiene for your facility’s ever more stringent employee hygiene SOPs. CleanTech systems are clinically proven to remove 99.98% of dangerous pathogens from skin or gloved hands… Read more.

New All-Natural Skin Conditioner Addresses #1 Complaint Of Nurses
(May 20 2014; Golden, CO) Meritech’s parent company, Resurgent Health & Medical, launches new skin conditioner in its handwashing stations to combat the occurrence of Contact Dermatitis, which is a result of frequent handwashing and overuse of hand sanitizers. Ask any nurse, in any hospital or clinic, how their hands are feeling today and you might ignite a long list of complaints about the health of their skin and the damage done by harsh detergent soaps and alcohol gel sanitizers… Read more.

Help End Hunger By Simply Washing Your Hands
(May 20 2014; Golden, CO) For every set of hands washed with their automated handwashing systems, while at FMI/United Fresh 2014 trade show in Chicago, Meritech will donate $1 to The Global FoodBanking Network.  Amidst an industry event with over 15,000 food industry professionals meeting together to explore new trends in food marketing, fresh produce opportunities and food safety innovation… Read more.

With Public Health At Stake, Meritech Intends To Help Reduce Foodborne Illness & Infectious Disease Deaths By Making Automated Handwashing Stations Available At Lower Prices Ever
(May 14, 2014; Golden, CO) The CDC has estimated that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by dirty hands. It has always been Meritech’s Mission, as we have developed the many models of automated handwashing stations we offer, to prevent the spread of infectious disease due to improper hand washing and ineffective use of alcohol gels. The CDC estimates that 49,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness, 100,000 die from hospital acquired infections and another 5,000 people die from foodborne illness each year — and that the single most important means of protecting yourself and preventing of disease is frequent and effective hand washing. Read more on Meritech’s call-to-action…

Meritech Introduces MBW Boot Scrubbers
(June 28, 2013; Golden, CO) Meritech has recently developed a new line of boot scrubbing systems that completely sanitizes rubber boots by continuously applying strong sanitizing solution through a series of high-pressure nozzles jets. Meritech’s MBW series cleans boots at plant entrances and provides cross contamination control between processing operations. Compact in design, Meritech’s MBW series is the most effective rubber boot washers for their size.  Read more…