Meritech unveils EVO, the latest evolution of CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Technology at PACK EXPO International Trade Show

by Meritech, on Dec 12, 2022 2:47:08 PM

Meritech, the leader in automated hygiene technology announced the release of EVO Automated Handwashing Stations at PACK EXPO International on October 23rd 

Referred to as the next evolution in automated hand hygiene, these EVO systems will consist of EVO One which is a free-standing station, EVO Wall which is a wall mounted station, EVO Three which is a high-throughput triple-station system and EVO In-Counter which fits into any counter.  

All the EVO Stations contain the patented CleanTech® Technology that has revolutionized hand hygiene for the past 35 years. New features provide even more benefits to customers such as intuitive sensors, state-of-the-art solution cartridges and a full-color touchscreen display to help enhance the perfect automated hand wash that is effective, easy to use, and eco-friendly. 

“We are very excited to introduce our next generation EVO handwashing systems.” Says Alison Smith, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts. “CleanTech® EVO’s unique features create an enhanced user experience further evolving our one-of-a-kind approach to perfect handwashing and hygiene compliance.”  

CleanTech® is the world’s only automated handwashing station clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of pathogens with each hand wash. The stations have 2 cylinders with 40 nozzles each that rotate around the hands 23 times in 12 seconds to whisk away harmful pathogens.  

Intuitive sensors on the CleanTech® EVO systems ensure that the temperature, flow, pressure and overall water conditions are optimal for the highest level of compliance and efficacy. There’s also no touch points or cross-contamination between users thanks to a photo-eye sensor and closed-loop drainage system. The new touchscreen display will also assist in hand hygiene training by providing onboarding and training videos as well as links to Meritech’s Digital Owner’s Guide. The CleanTech® EVO solutions cartridges can be sent back to Meritech to be recycled, reducing landfill waste.  

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