CleanTech® EVO: The Future of Automated Hand Hygiene Stations

It has never been easier to automate hand hygiene with CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Stations. CleanTech® EVO is the result of a two-year effort by our team of hygiene experts to develop the next evolution of automated handwashing stations. Having been automating hygiene since 1986, we took what we know about human behavior and hygiene and have simplified the hand washing process even further so that organizations across all industries can effectively remove harmful pathogens with minimal effort.

The Effectiveness of a CleanTech® EVO Hygiene Station

In contrast to manual hand washes, CleanTech® has been 3rd-party tested in a GLP-certified laboratory to guarantee that it removes beyond 99.9% of harmful pathogens, every time. Each 12 second automated hand wash is also 100% touch free with no cross-contamination between users. A photo-eye sensor begins each hand wash automatically when hands enter the system, eliminating any risk of cross-contamination from touch points.

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Simplifying Compliance with CleanTech® EVO Hygiene Stations

With its modern, engaging interface, CleanTech® EVO makes training and onboarding quick and easy. When a person approaches a CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Station, they’ll be greeted by colored touchscreen display that plays clear instructions of how to start using the system. Once that person places their hands in the system, a large countdown timer will be shown that informs the user to keep their hands in the system for the full wash cycle. After the 12 second automated hand wash is performed, the system will then notify the user of its completion.

CleanTech Handwashing Station

CleanTech® EVO also allows for additional operational features to be accessed behind a password protected administrative dashboard. Managers can access this area and easily adjust water temperature and view detailed hand washing compliance tracking information for the system. Hygiene event data can be broken down by day and time with a resettable counter for enhanced tracking when necessary.

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The Environmental Benefits of CleanTech® EVO Hygiene Stations

With CleanTech® EVO, the solution cartridges are smaller and more concentrated, so they offer more handwashes and occupy less storage space. Smart sensors on the cartridges also inform users when solution is running low and needs to be replaced so that hand washing can continue effectively. hygiene station

Each solution cartridge is made to be reused and recycled. The cartridges can be sent back to Meritech,which means less landfill waste. The addition of these reusable cartridges will help support your organization's sustainability efforts.

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Exploring the Range of CleanTech® EVO Handwashing Stations

hygiene stationThe CleanTech® EVO line comes in a variety of configurations to fit your unique space. The CleanTech® EVO Wall easily fits into commercial front of house or back of house areas as well as industrial hygiene zones with a sleek wall-mounted design. The CleanTech® EVO One is a free-standing station that is most compatible with CleanTech® Enhancement Options. The CleanTech® EVO Three is triple-station free-standing system that is designed for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other high-throughput industrial hygiene zones as well as industrial hygiene zones. Lastly, the CleanTech® EVO In-Counter is an automated hand hygiene station that is ideal for commercial front of house environments as it can seamlessly install into any countertop for a cohesive look.

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