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Webinar: Become a Handwashing Superhero

by Meritech, on October 7,2020

Learn how to make handwashing fun, easy, and effective for teachers and students!

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This webinar covers everything you need to know to become a handwashing superhero! But what exactly is a handwashing superhero? Here at Meritech we consider it to be someone who:

  • is knowledgeable on the nuances of hand hygiene
  • leads by example
  • encourages those around them to practice effective hygiene
  • educates their students and peers on proper handwashing practices

During the presentation we will take a deep dive into the many nuances of hand hygiene, discuss the current pitfalls schools currently face with hand hygiene, and offer up solutions to those pitfalls. Additionally, we will be sharing resources and guidance on how to celebrate the upcoming Global Handwashing Day! 

Handwashing Day Kit

The Speaker: 

DSC_3786Patrick Burke is the Sales Manager for Early Childhood Education and K-12 Schools at Meritech, the leader in automated hygiene equipment. Prior to joining Meritech, he owned and managed one of the most successful and well-known CrossFit gyms in Denver, Colorado for over a decade. He is familiar with the challenges business owners and managers face when balancing the goals of the organization, the needs of clients and staff, and external environmental factors. He is passionate about helping others achieve excellence in their businesses which include providing the highest safety and health standards. Patrick is passionate about helping schools and early childhood education centers demonstrate their commitment to safety and create a healthier and safer space for children to learn and grow.


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