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Video Transcription: 

Meritech, we are the Gold Standard in Employee Hygiene.

We supply many of the world’s food production companies with a variety of machines that automate and speed up the hand hygiene process to improve sanitation in food processing plants. In a 12-second hand wash and rinse cycle, in a hand sanitizer machine, we clean hands faster and better than a manual wash.


  • Increases handwash compliance by over 400%
  • Eliminates 99.98% of dangerous pathogens
  • Uses 75% less water
  • Exceeds SQF, BRC & cGMP standards

Meritech’s automated hand-washing machines eliminate 99.98% of dangerous pathogens and help ensure the safety of your products protecting your brand and protecting your customers. Meritech’s new line of Ultra-Compact Boot Scrubbers are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to maintain and have the smallest footprint in the industry so they can fit almost anywhere and improve sanitation and hygiene in food industry.


Meritech’s ultra-compact walk-thru boot scrubbers:

  •  Come with a FULL 5-Year parts and 5-Year Labor Warranty
  • 2 FREE visits per year to clean, calibrate and certify
  • Are the most durable and long lasting

Every Meritech product comes with a five-year parts warranty and in addition, Meritech’s boot scrubbers include a five-year full-service warranty. 


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