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Hygiene Zones 101: Core Steps in a Food Manufacturing Hygiene Zone

by Meritech, on July 16,2020

In this video we review the 5 main steps that individuals should take when going through the core hygiene zone at a food manufacturing facility:

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1. Footwear Donning & Sanitation

Team members should don plant shoes or boots, thoroughly sanitize their footwear and don shoe covers if necessary.

2. Donning Frocks or Smocks

Team members should don their frock, smock and sleeve covers making sure all sleeves are pulled down to the wrist and all buttons are buttoned.

3. Personal Protective Equipment

Team members should don PPE in the correct order: hearing protection, beard net, mask (if applicable), hair net, and eye protection.

4. Manual or Automated Handwashing

Either a full 20 second manual hand wash or a 12 second hand wash using an automated handwashing station

5. Hand Drying

Step five, the final step within the hygiene zone processes, drying the hands. This can be done either with an air dryer or paper towel. We recommend paper towel as it is less likely to cross-contaminate the hands.


At Meritech, we strive to educate hygiene and food safety leaders about best practices within their hygiene zone. Visit our resource center to learn more about hygiene zone best practices or learn about our hygiene zone design consultation services with our hygiene experts here. 

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