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We supply many of the world’s food production companies with innovative automated hygiene technology that standardizes and quality controls the hand hygiene process to improve employee hygiene and sanitation in food processing plants. In just 12-seconds, CleanTech® delivers a perfect hand wash every single time, regardless of user age, language, or skill level.


CleanTech® automated handwashing stations: 

  • Increase employee handwashing compliance
  • Remove more than 99.9% of dangerous pathogens
  • Use 75% less water and produce 75% less waste
  • Exceed SQF, BRC & cGMP standards

Meritech’s innovative hygiene technology, solutions, and programs help ensure the safety of your products, protect your customers, and ultimately your brand. Meritech also offers a full line of footwear sanitization equipment, which when paired with CleanTech® provides a full cGMP employee hygiene protocol for production facilities.  


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