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Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubbers Overview

by Meritech, on November 4,2019


Meritech Automated Industrial Boot Washers: 

At Meritech, we believe hygiene automation creates quality control and guarantees sanitation, thus preventing the spread of infection and saving lives. Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubbers increase footwear hygiene compliance by automatically removing debris and sanitizing footwear.

We achieve this consistency and reliability by automatically deploying the effective "kill" level of PPM sanitizing chemical required to remove harmful pathogens onto the spinning brushes inside the station. While employees walk across the system grate, the spinning brushes wash and sanitize footwear. This consistently effective process removes variability and eliminates risk associated with poor footwear hygiene.

All Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubbers are made in the USA. Meritech is also the inventor and sole manufacturer of CleanTech®, the WORLD’S ONLY fully automated handwashing stations which performs a CDC standard hand wash regardless of user age, language, or skill level. Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubbers paired with CleanTech® provides a full cGMP employee hygiene protocol for food production facilities.

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