A Simple Hand Washing Experiment Shows Why Kids Need Hand Hygine

Washing your hands is the easiest and most effective way to stay healthy and stop germs from spreading. With school-age children, this is especially true, but it’s always hard to illustrate to them just how important it is. Convincing a child to be cautious of something invisible, like germs, is a tough task. Luckily, things like hand washing experiments can be a fun and engaging activity that reminds children of the importance of hand washing.

Dayna Robertson, a teacher from Discovery Elementary School in Idaho Falls, was figuring out how to teach this lesson to her students and had a stroke of genius. With a few pieces of sandwich bread, she perfectly illustrates just how important handwashing is. Check out her post here! 

Showcasing Hygiene Importance in a Simple Hand Washing Experiment

To illustrate the importance of hand hygiene, Robertson had different students with various levels of hand cleanliness touch different pieces of bread, then the bread was left in an individual plastic bag for a month to see what would happen. Learn more about this Experiment.

moldy bread

The above photo showcases just how dirty children's hands can get, especially in the classroom! It also illustrates how important handwashing is, and how hand sanitizer is not quite as effective. Due to the plethora of common areas, shared classrooms, and high density, schools are a hot spot for infection. 

Hand Hygiene to Protect Your Students

Protect your school & your students by teaching & enforcing proper hand wash techniques. With more than 95% of Americans not washing their hands properly, it is crucial for us to educate the youth so that we can turn that statistic around. Here at Meritech we strive to educate on proper hand hygiene, our CTO, Paul Barnhill, offers some great handwashing tips in this blog post!

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