How do CleanTech® Automatic Boot Cleaner Enhancements remove pathogens from footwear for food safety?

CleanTech® Automatic Boot Cleaner Enhancements attach to our free-standing industrial CleanTech® handwashing stations. They remove pathogens from the soles of street shoes or rubber work boots while the user is washing their hands. Our 12 second hand wash cycle guarantees at least 12 seconds of contact time with the hygiene solutions for footwear sanitation. 

Automatic Boot Cleaner Enhancements Attach to the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station

At Meritech we have two types of Footwear Enhancements for our CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations: the Automatic Boot Dip and the Sole Clean Low Moisture. Both of these guarantee 12 seconds of contact time with footwear by attaching directly to our free-standing industrial handwashing stations: the 2000S single-bay handwashing station and the 4000S three-bay handwashing station. 

EVO One Facing Forward Sole Clean Basket

EVO One with
Sole Clean Low Moisture

EVO Three Boot Dip

EVO Three with
Wetted Boot Dip

These Footwear Enhancements are controlled directly by the CleanTech® automated handwashing systems, for a fully-automated hand and footwear hygiene event. We recently did a video with our CTO Paul Barnhill, who explains exactly how the CleanTech® Footwear Enhancements work: 


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We also go into detail about how the Wetted Boot Dip and Sole Clean Low Moisture enhancements work below: 

How does the Automatic Boot Dip work with the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station?

The Wetted Boot Dip footwear enhancement for our CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations is designed for wet production environments where a floor drain is available. It is a fully automated enhancement, so during each CleanTech® automated hand hygiene event the system injects some of our Self Clean hygiene solution that has a high quat concentration into the boot dip pan with water. By doing this is, it automatically maintains 800-1000 PPM as recommended by FDA, FSMA and USDA food safety standards. For easy cleaning, the back of the pan does have a debris area to ensure that debris does not collect in the pan where the user is standing. 

How does the dry sanitation cleaner work with CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations?

The Sole Clean Dry Sanitization Cleaner works well in areas that do not have a floor drain or where excess moisture needs to be avoided, like bakery environments. The Sole Clean Low Moisture uses our Sanifect D2 alcohol-quat blend hygiene solution to sanitize footwear. This solution evaporates quickly post-application as the user steps out of the pan to ensure no excess moisture is entering the production area.

The separate control module injects the fluid down into the pan automatically after every 10 users to ensure that the pad is always damp for proper footwear sanitation. This control module has a solution-empty indicator as well as a prime button to refill the pan after cleaning or at the start of the workday. 

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