Customer Success Story: Neshannock Township School District

Customer Neshannock Township School District
Location New Castle, Pennsylvania
Industry Childcare & Education


Under pressure to improve their hygiene protocols going into the 2020-2021 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Neshannock School District partnered with Meritech to overcome their hygiene struggles and reach new heights in school health and safety. Now hand hygiene at their school has never been better. Learn more about this customer success story below:

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About Neshannock Township School District

Located in New Castle, Pennsylvania the Neshannock Township School District is committed to providing every student the opportunity to develop and utilize their academic and social skills through an exemplary, rigorous educational experience in a safe and caring environment. 

What Challenge Did CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Solve for Neshannock?

Neshannock Township School District needed to improve handwashing quality, compliance and frequency throughout their schools in order to open safely and overcome the fear of returning to in-person learning. Unfortunately outdated trough sinks and a limited number of handwashing stations led to poor handwashing compliance at their schools. 


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CleanTech® ELF Automated Handwashing Stations Installed by Neshannock Township School District

Neshannock Township School District worked very closely with Meritech on the product selection, placement, and quantity to ensure the schools could meet their hygiene goals. The station selected to best meet their needs is the CleanTech® ELF. The ELF is one of the best options for schools due to its competitive price point, size and kid friendly design.

When deciding system placement, Meritech emphasized high traffic areas like bathrooms, cafeterias, and gymnasiums. The ELF's design allows for easy replacement of water fountains which enabled Neshannock to increase their total number of handwashing stations. By the end of the project Neshannock more than doubled their number of handwashing stations.

hand hygiene at achoolLearn more about the CleanTech® ELF here

The decision to implement CleanTech® was not only driven by the need to improve health and safety, but also to increase confidence in the health and safety of the school. Having CleanTech® handwashing stations is a visible commitment to parents and staff that the school cares for the health and safety of its students.


100% of those surveyed believe CleanTech® improves handwashing compliance at Neshannock Township School District

hand hygiene at schoolMeritech conducted a survey of the schools within the Neshannock School district following the first full semester with CleanTech® installed. The goal of the survey was to assess the success of the installation and validate that our solution resolved the problems Neshannock faced. Of those surveyed:  

  • 98% believe CleanTech® makes people more confident in the health and safety of the school
  • 94% were extremely satisfied with the CleanTech® user experience
  • 100% believe CleanTech® improves handwashing compliance

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