Customer Success Story: Grabber School of Hair Design

Customer Grabber School of Hair Design
Location St. Louis, MO
Industry Childcare & Education

With over 150 students and 25 staff, Grabber School of Hair Design needed to ensure that they could continue to teach safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. To address handwashing, they brought in Meritech to help: 


About Grabber School of Hair Design

Located in St. Louis, Grabber School of Hair Design is committed to exceeding all minimum standards and providing a quality educational program to prepare students for successful careers as cosmetologists, manicurists and estheticians. Grabber School of Hair Design is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS), which is recognized by the US Department of Education as a national agency for the institutional accreditation of post-secondary schools and departments of cosmetology arts and sciences.

What Challenge Did CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Solve for Grabber?

From thermal cameras to plasma ionizers, Grabber School of Hair Design had almost everything to keep their 150 students and 25 staff safe, but they were missing hand hygiene. They knew they needed to address handwashing and come up with a way to ensure that all visitors, staff and students had clean hands to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations Installed by Grabber School of Hair Design

Grabber School of Hair Design worked very closely with Meritech on the selection and placement of CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations to ensure the school could meet their hand hygiene goals. 


At the visitor entrance of the facility a CleanTech® ELF was installed. The ELF is one of the best options for schools due to its competitive price point, size and clean design. The ELF's design also allows for easy replacement of water fountains. 


When deciding system placement, Meritech emphasized high traffic areas where everyone entering the building could easily wash their hands. One of these areas was where students clocked in and out, there a CleanTech® 500 was placed. 

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CleanTech® will continue to help Grabber School of Hair Design after COVID-19. 

Even after COVID-19 has passed CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations will continue to help reduce the spread of germs and viruses at the school. "Every winter you have so many people taking off because they're sick, so this will be beneficial even after you get through COVID" , says Dennis Mappeuzzi, Owner of Grabber School of Hair Design. "It [CleanTech®] will keep our building healthy."

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