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CleanTech® vs. Manual Hand Wash Sinks

Manual hand wash sinks were not designed to be the most effective at hand washing. In today’s world of making things easier with technology, why should the way we wash hands be any different? When compared to CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations, manual hand wash sinks fall short in almost every category.

The Efficacy of Manual Hand Wash Sinks Vs. CleanTech®

When it comes to the efficacy of washing hands with a manual hand wash sink, there really is none to be found. We all wash our hands differently and even if we follow all the proper steps, there is still no guarantee that we’ll wash the same way every time. There’s too many variables involved such as soap type, time spent scrubbing, touch points, and even water pressure.

manual hand wash sinks

With CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations, each user receives the same 12 second hand wash, every time they use the system. The reason for its superiority over manual hand washing lies in our patented technology that we’ve perfected over the past 35 years. Each CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station is equipped with 40 nozzles, 20 for each hand, with 8 of those 40 nozzles specifically focused on the fingertips. These nozzles rotate around the hands 23 times in 12 seconds, pulling harmful pathogens from the hands, each time.

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efficacy of Cleantech vs manual hand wash sinks

CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations are trusted for hand hygiene by the food safety industry because they eliminate cross contamination between users by removing all touch points. We’ve even proven this in a 3rd party lab with extensive efficacy studies to ensure that no pathogens pass between users from hand wash to hand wash. These studies have also proven that more than 99.9% of pathogens are removed during each automated hand wash.  

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The Features of Manual Hand Wash Sinks Vs. CleanTech®

We’ve already mentioned how manual hand wash sinks were not designed to be the most effective at hand washing, but because of that users are often left with no ways in which to enhance the hand washing experience itself. Today’s automated hand washing technologies have features that are built into the systems that any manual sink just can’t compete with. manual hand wash sinks

For example, each CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station utilizes our own UPX or UltraPure hand hygiene solution that is designed to not only remove pathogens, but also keep hands moisturized and healthy which enhances its efficacy. Each cartridge utilized for CleanTech is also recyclable and cuts down on landfill waste. Each CleanTech® station is also equipped with a full color touchscreen display that is constantly displaying how to operate the system. Managers can also utilize the display to access valuable hand washing compliance data to be sure that their teams are washing their hand throughout theManual hand wash sink vs Automated handwashing infographic preview image day.

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If you’re looking for the perfect hand wash for your team, look no further than CleanTech®. Guarantee effective pathogen removal and say goodbye to constant policing hand hygiene.

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