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by Meritech, on May 29,2020

A University of Arizona study determined that 96% of shoes held Coliform and E. coli bacteria. Imagine this entering your production zones. Footwear hygiene is undoubtedly one of the most …

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by Meritech, on May 8,2020

The importance of hygiene has been thrust to the forefront of organizational processes and procedures in light of the recent pandemic. However, for food manufacturing and packaging facilities the threat …

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by Meritech, on May 5,2020

Last week Meritech CTO and hygiene expert, Paul Barnhill, lead a the webinar The Science Behind CleanTech®: How Automated Handwashing Stations Work. We hope you were able to join the …

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by Meritech, on April 30,2020

In just a few short weeks, novel coronavirus COVID-19 has changed the entire world. Depending on where you live, simply leaving one's home can be encumbered with numerous restrictions and …

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by Meritech, on August 2,2018

Meritech’s newest addition to their line of fully automated footwear sanitizing systems, the Sole Clean Dry Step, is a fully automated footwear sanitizing system designed for dry and semi-dry production facilities …

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