Improve Employee Hygiene GMPs and Demo Automated Handwashing and Footwear Sanitizing Technology at IPPE

December 21,2017 | by Patricia Kelly

boot scrubbers, Handwashing, employee hygiene, food safety culture


Meritech, manufacturer of the world’s only fully-automated, touch-free handwashing systems will exhibit at the 2018 IPPE tradeshow in Atlanta, GA Jan. 30-Feb 1 at booth # C870. Meritech will equip its booth with CleanTech fully automated handwashing and footwear sanitizing systems so attendees can experience the world’s only technology-based approach to employee hygiene.

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Meritech Promotes New Leadership in Response to Accelerated Growth

November 1,2017 | by Patricia Kelly

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From the Left: Alison Smith and Michele Colbert 

Meritech, manufacturer of the world’s only fully automated, completely touch-free handwashing systems as well as a full line of footwear scrubbing and sanitizing equipment, is pleased to announce the promotion of Michele Colbert to President of Meritech and the simultaneous promotion of Alison Smith to Vice President of Sales. Both promotions respond to Meritech’s explosive growth in the employee hygiene industry in many markets over the past 5 years.

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Meritech Introduces Hand Hygiene Technology at Theme Park Expo

October 10,2017 | by Patricia Kelly

Handwashing, food safety culture

IAAPA EXPO, Nov. 13-17, 2017 Orlando, Florida


Golden, Colorado Meritech, manufacturer of the world’s only fully automated handwashing systems will exhibit for the first time at IAAPA Attraction Expo, Nov. 13-17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida Booth #4278. Visitors to the Meritech booth will experience first hand the twelve-second fully-automated handwash that removes 99.98% of all dangerous pathogens and protects public health by preventing the spread of disease. Attendees will see the newest Meritech models specifically designed for the public use at theme parks, on cruise ships, in stadiums and stations and other public places.

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If you're considering taking a cruise...

April 6,2016 | by Paul Barnhill

Handwashing, Personnel Hygiene

If you're one of 22 million people setting sail on a cruise ship vacation this year, you should listen up! Even though cruise lines have taken steps recently to raise the bar on their health and sanitation practices onboard, germs always find a way in the picture when you're living in such close conditions with other travelers and crew. The last thing you want during treasured vacation time is getting sick with a case of GI or foodborne illness. Especially keep in mind that alcohol gels and wipes do NOT kill Norovirus, the leading culprit of cruiseline outbreaks. Here are a few things to think about before you take a sip of that piña colada….

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Handwashing Habits: 3 Basics of Employee Hygiene R-R-R

March 15,2016 | by Paul Barnhill

Handwashing, Personnel Hygiene

This is the first post in a series we're doing on ways your company can improve hand hygiene habits across your company, from employees on the production line to managers.

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Boot Cleanability & Hygiene

March 8,2016 | by Paul Barnhill

Personnel Hygiene, Uncategorized

Protection, comfort, and durability, are usually the main considerations when evaluating a footwear solution for your production facility, but many companies forget to consider boot design as a factor in food safety and cleanability.

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Listeria Strikes Again & FDA Prosecutes

February 17,2016 | by Paul Barnhill


Listeria Strikes Again - Cheese Company Prosecuted, Pleads Guilty

The FDA is here to take a stand against companies that do not safeguard public health, plain and simple. And this cheese company for was banned from commerce because of sanitation issues and finding Listeria contamination in multiple locations of the facility. Read article here Read Article Here

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How Blue Bell Survived Listeria, Chipotle Troubles & Other Safety News

December 23,2015 | by Paul Barnhill


"Fresh" Offerings & Food Safety - Is Eating "Clean" Unsafe?

While Chipotle has lead the clean eating movement within the casual dining arena, these very choices contribute to making it more difficult to guarantee the food won't become infected with germs that can make customers sick. Read Article Here

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How safe are your suppliers?

November 3,2015 | by Paul Barnhill

Personnel Hygiene, Uncategorized

Are they helping to protect your brand?

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Food Safety News October 2015

October 30,2015 | by Paul Barnhill


7 Warning Signs You Won't Pass a Food Safety Audit

If your facility doesn't foster a food safety culture from senior management on down, you're doomed. Management must demonstrate its commitment to food safety and reward excellence. But there are 6 other warning signs that are vital to your brand's survival. Read Article Here

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