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CleanTech® Enhancements


Not only do CleanTech® automated handwashing stations provide a quick and effective hand hygiene experience in just 12 seconds, but with our enhancement options, you can take your hygiene process to the next level. By incorporating simultaneous footwear hygiene, you can ensure a comprehensive cleanliness protocol for both hands and feet, all while guaranteeing compliance. Rest assured and have peace of mind knowing that your employees' hands and footwear are thoroughly sanitized and safe to enter your facility.

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CleanTech® Handwashing Station Enhancements

While CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations address the most critical component of designing your hygiene zone, there are other considerations to make when designing a zone for increased compliance and efficiency. Whether you are interested in integrating a system with a controlled access turnstile or enabling simultaneous hand and footwear hygiene, we offer a number of options to support a comprehensive hygiene zone designed to support efficient throughput and optimal contamination control.

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Sole Clean


Low-Moisture Sanitizing Pan


CleanTech EVO ONE with Sole Clean

Low-Moisture Footwear Sanitizing Pan Suitable for Dry Environments

For dry and semi-dry facilities, as well as areas without a floor drain, the Sole Clean Low Moisture Footwear Sanitizing Pan is attaches to the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station to sanitize  any style of footwear in just 12 seconds. This new sole sanitizer hygiene technology features the automated application of an alcohol-quat chemical blend which sanitizes and then evaporates quickly post application to reduce moisture accumulation around the system. Designed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination from footwear, it provides a full employee hygiene protocol that is cGMP and compliant with all food safety standards and regulations.


Wetted Boot Dip

Footwear Sanitation Pan


CleanTech EVO ONE with Boot Dip

Wetted Boot Dip Footwear Sanitizing Pan for Industrial Environments

This boot dip footwear sanitizing pan attaches to our industrial CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations to guarantee simultaneous pathogen removal from both hands and footwear. The fully automated shoe sanitizing pan recharges during every hand wash with the system releasing additional sanitizing chemical to maintain PPM at a consistent and effective “kill”–level of 1,000 PPM which meets or exceeds the 800-1000 PPM as recommended by the USDA and other food safety organizations.



Controlled Access

CleanTech EVO with Controlled Access

Integrated Controlled Access Turnstile for Hand Hygiene Compliance 

Compatible with the CleanTech® EVO One

This controlled access turnstile will remain closed until the successful completion of a hand wash cycle using the CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Station, thus guaranteeing a proper hand hygiene event prior to entering a controlled zone. If installed at each entryway, food safety managers, inspectors, and auditors can have peace of mind that every person entering the facility has clean hands for food safety. The compact design makes it extremely versatile and easy to clean and maintain.


Integrated Air Curtain

EVO Wall

Integrated Air Curtain for CleanTech® Handwashing Stations

Compatible with CleanTech® EVO Systems

At the end of every wash cycle, a curtain of air blows air on to the hands to partially dry them, reducing paper towel waste. Ideal for companies seeking a “greener” footprint. The integrated air curtain for the CleanTech® Handwashing Stations uses compressed air to maintain sanitary standards that other air dryers can’t match.


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