CleanTech Automatic Hand Washing Stations in Use at a CleanRoom

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CleanTech Automatic Handwashing Stations

Our exclusive CleanTech handwashing stations range from compact single use equipment, to fully integrated walk-through hand and boot washing systems for high volume traffic. Multiple options in each line are available to fit the needs and budgets of a variety of market applications.
The quickest & simplest solution for employee hygiene GMPs while simultaneously removing pathogens and ensuring cross contamination control.
  • Demonstrate that your company cares about product safety and improved hygiene GMPs
  • Consistent and effective wash every time for every user
  • Every wash is tracked and monitored with a compliance monitor on every model
  • Cost savings in water, waste, soap reduction and increase in labor efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly — 75% less waste compared to manual handwashing
  • Safe work environment for improved employee morale and productivity
  • Brand Protection — reduce liability risk through workplace pathogen control
  • Increased productivity — employees get back to work faster with cleaner hands