CleanTech® is Clinically Proven to

Remove 99.9% of Harmful Pathogens


It may come as no surprise that your employees are the most common source of contamination in your cleanrooms. No matter how stringent your hand washing and gloving procedures are, humans are prone to variability and error, resulting in poor hand hygiene and the spread of harmful pathogens, particulates and bioburden.

CleanTech®, is the world's only fully automated hygiene technology clinically proven to remove 99.9% of harmful pathogens and bioburden with each wash. 

  • check-img  Increases hand washing compliance 
  • check-img  Integrates seamlessly into your facility
  • check-img  Exceeds regulatory safety and sanitation requirements
  • check-img  Makes hygiene compliance monitoring and documentation effortless
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Complete Hygiene Solutions for Clean Rooms

Meritech’s fully automated hygiene technology makes proper hand and footwear hygiene easy, effective, and eco-friendly for everyone. We also offer low-moisture footwear sanitization solutions, which when paired with CleanTech® provides a full cGMP employee hygiene protocol for clean room facilities.


Remove Variability and Eliminate Risk with Standardized Employee Hygiene
Proven to Remove 99.9% of Pathogens in 3rd Party Studies in FDA-Certified Labs
Hand Wash Tracking Makes Compliance Monitoring and Documentation Effortless




"I have had nothing but great experiences with Meritech. We haven't had any issues with our systems and we continue to get great support when we have questions" 

Tom Franzen, Manager / TL Validation at Zoetis




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Tailored Employee Hygiene Programs for Clean Rooms 

 While we are certainly proud of our innovative technology, Meritech is more than an equipment manufacturer—we are a strategic partner in hygiene excellence and are dedicated to designing tailored employee hygiene programs that meet and exceed your operational goals. Free, no obligation facility site surveys to understand hygiene challenges specific to your products, processes and facilities. 

  • check-img  Meets and Exceeds FS209E and ISO Clean Room Standards
  • check-img  Eliminate Risk Associate with Poor Hand Washing with Validated, Tracked and        Standardized Employee Hygiene
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