Living Up To the Same Standards: Handwashing Stations for Medical & Food Packaging

As a food packaging manufacturer, a medical device cleanroom packager, or commercial packaging manufacturer, your company may be subject to the same regulations and standards as the companies you sell to or for whom you perform packaging services. And you have additional inspectors – your customers! Meritech can assist your Packaging Quality Assurance Team and your Regulatory Compliance Groups in developing a comprehensive strategy for employee hygiene that exceeds safety/hygiene packaging requirements, improves your facility’s productivity and efficiency (fast ROI), and helps you to create a great safety and hygiene culture in your packaging facility.


Benefits of Meritech Systems for Industrial Packaging Facilities

In addition to effective pathogen removal every wash, Meritech handwashing systems have additional benefits:

  • Easy to train new employees on how to effectively wash the hands
  • Faster than a manual wash and effective every time
  • Employees wash more often with an average 400% increase in compliance
  • Reduces water usage and waste discharge
  • Satisfies the requirements of the Food Code in all 50 states!
  • Show your customers you care!
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