Pharma/Medical Device Clean Room

Clean Room Hygiene Systems for Hands and Gloved Hands

Meritech’s fully automated CleanTech handwashing systems are ideal for clean room applications in a variety of industries including medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, technology companies, and other laboratories, compounding operations and research facilities.

Benefits of Meritech Systems

CleanTech handwashing systems:

  • Improve your GMP for employee hand washing/glove washing

  • Rapid ROI from improved labor productivity (ask Meritech for a customized ROI)

  • Reduction in water usage and waste discharge to enhance your sustainability programs

  • Quality Control for hand hygiene!  Eliminate variability.

  • Pass your FDA and third party auditor inspections

  • Customized solutions for your employee hygiene challenges like restricted access systems

Designed for Unique Clean Room Requirements

The unique demands associated with hygiene in clean rooms make Meritech technology the perfect choice. Our CleanTech handwashing systems provide a warm, massaging handwash in sterile environments before gowning, after gowning, and before and after gloving. Meritech’s CleanTech cleanroom products can also be customized for particular environments and may be supplied with integrated drier (heated or unheated) to eliminate the need for any other drying option and to complete the entire hygiene process at one station in one fast cycle.   Meritech provides the perfect solution to eliminate the variability that accompanies the manual wash process.

Meritech’s clean room equipment can be used to support and supplement hygiene best practices consistent with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) practices. Meritech handwashing equipment may also be operated without solutions for technology applications that are not intended to serve as infection control hygiene stations but rather to remove salts and solids from gloved hands.

Recommended Products for Clean Rooms

Meritech recommends these products to provide the ideal hygiene solution. Contact us to discuss the best system for your pharmaceutical or medical device clean room.

Need a Custom Solution?

Meritech is available to work with you to solve your unique hygiene challenge. Tap into our years of experience in pathogen control to create the best custom solution for your specific application.

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