Testimonials for Automated Hygiene Systems

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On any given day, we get 5-star reviews from our clients about our automated handwashing stations and effective yet ultra-compact boot scrubbers. We hear stories of increased handwash compliance, glowing auditor results, and even more comments about the state of their improved skin health, or how easy and fun it is for their employees and customers to wash their hands properly. If you’ve got something to say, we’d love to hear it!

We are very pleased with your machines and your soaps that we use in them. As of right now everything is working perfectly. Thank you for your dedicated service!


We really like the Meritech systems.  Quite simply the ease of operation, and the cleanliness of hands and even tools.  After we clean our knives and other tools, I hold them in the machine there as a final rinse and sanitize.  We always get perfect swabs on surfaces and hands as verification of cleaning.  This helps in audits etc.

Wisconsin Cheese Group

We are very pleased with the services your company provides DSM. We have been using Meritech for several years for our environmental monitoring program, and your company has always provided results in a timely manner.

DSM - Kingtree

Your products are great and minimal maintenance, which being in the maintenance field for many years I’ve seen many high maintenance equipment and boot scrubbers can be just a big headache. To buy one from you new and have little to no issues for over a year is a huge plus for my guys. We have another brand that has needed constant attention (big headache) and will be looking to replace it in the future and we will definitely be reaching out to you when the time comes to purchase it. Not only is your product good but the service behind the sale is far above any competitor of yours that I have dealt with in the past, you’ve been great and it's much appreciated.

Cloverdale Foods

I would highly recommend Meritech's Cleantech handwashing systems - We've had our systems for over five years and they have been very easy to maintain and reliable. We've been very happy with the service too. Chris, our Regional Account Manager, has been excellent - very dependable professional and always has a positive attitude.

Specialty foods producer

We love the Meritech sink in our unit. It is fun to use with the kids, and the adults enjoy the feel of the “spa like” hand wash.  I hope to set up a project which we would be routinely using the sink to wash the kids hands as a scheduled fun event.

St. Mary's Hospital for Children

Everything has been great as far as the machines go and for the service, maintenance and interaction with Meritech. You guys have a good thing going and it is evident that your staff is bought in and knows the mission. Great service, great products and great people. I can only dream of having the same experience with other vendors that fail to understand the needs of the customer.


It's a pleasure working with Meritech because of their commitment to the customers they serve. Our Account Representative, Melanie Mobley is the best! She is a true asset to the Meritech organization and maintains our account very well. Whether it's making sure we have adequate inventory of product or questions related to our service agreement on equipment she's always there for us!

Steve Hartz, La Tortilla Factory - Santa Rosa, CA

We have been using the Meritech Cleantech handwasher since 2010 in our pharmacy prior to entry into our IV room. Our staff find if fast and soothing leaving the skin soft and smooth. This device has improved our hand washing practices in the pharmacy.

Lee’s Summit Medical Center

The system works very well — fast, convenient — we do not have to turn the water on or off, find soap, etc. The fact that it starts automatically when you place your hands in the washer and that it rinses the soap off in the last couple of cycles is excellent. It works very well for our IV clean rooms.

Hospital Customer