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Prevent the spread of infection with automated hygiene systems 

Save Lives & Prevent Disease Spread

Meritech's innovative automated hygiene technologies overcome human variability to ensure patient safety and health. 


CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Systems

Remove 99.9% of pathogens from hands in a 12 second hand wash cycle. 

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Hygiene Solutions Designed for Pathogen Reduction

Environmentally friendly and effective solutions with added skin-conditioners.

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Automated Boot Wash Systems for Industrial Environments

Provide more effective footwear sanitation in the most demanding environments.

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Proven to Remove More Than 99.9% of Pathogens

Read the full clinical study detailing Meritech's efficacy testing

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"We have had a CleanTech® automated handwashing system since 2009...The staff loves using the handwashing system. During the flu season, the staff has been especially grateful that we have the unit. Whenever, we have had issues with the unit, Meritech has been very helpful."


"We have been using the Meritech CleanTech® handwasher since 2010 in our pharmacy prior to entry into our IV room. Our staff find it fast and soothing leaving the skin soft and smooth. This device has improved our hand washing practices in the pharmacy."



"We love the Meritech sink in our unit. It is fun to use with the kids, and the adults enjoy the feel of the "spa-like" handwash. I hope to set up a project which we would be routinely using the sink to wash hands as a scheduled, fun event."


"Our Meritech machine at Hassenfeld-Fink is well over five years old. However, we were able to obtain parts and your tech was able to fix it, so it is still going strong! While I am sure we exceeded the normal life span of our Meritech, it was a pleasant surprise to know it is still going!"



"Meritech has been very good in the following areas: Making sure we have enough soap, making sure the machine is serviced properly and very easy to order soap and to communicate any issues."


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