Meritech Soaps and Solutions

Meritech offers a proprietary line of chemicals specifically designed to work in the CleanTech Automatic Hand Washing Stations and Boot Scrubber systems. Each Meritech-created solution is required to be used in specific cleaning systems to ensure the efficacy of our machines, as well as the studies that guarantee to maintain performance, reliability, and warranty of our CleanTech handwashing systems and booth scrubbers.

Please note that Meritech is a Triclosan-free company. All of our solutions are triclosan-free, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and Kosher. Additionally, all are accepted for use in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Ultra-Pure 2% Hand Soap

For all CleanTech Automatic Hand Washing Stations
A specially formulated antimicrobial quaternary ammonium based hand soap. There are no dyes, fragrances, or alcohol in the Ultra Pure Hand Soap. Skin conditioners have been added to prevent skin dryness and irritation. This formula rarely causes skin irritation or allergies. The CleanTech systems provide a thorough rinse of the hand soap at the end of the 12 second cycle which also attributes to skin health and is a requirement in most industry applications. The hand soap is available in quarts (ELF model only), 4 liter containers ( all CleanTech models), 10 liter container (option to Elf-C model), and 55 gallon drums.

Quat E-2 (Quaternary Ammonium) Hand Soap

For all CleanTech Handwashing Systems
Meritech’s Quat E-2 is a USDA E-2 rated solution that is specifically formulated for use with all of our CleanTech automatic handwashing stations. Quat E-2 provides detergents to effectively remove biofilm, and sanitizers to kill microorganisms on hands and gloved hands. Use of Quat E-2, in addition with our CleanTech technology, is designed to replace manual handwashing and dip/gel sanitizing stations. Quat E-2 solutions require a potable water rinse after washing.

Boot Cleaner

For all Meritech Automatic Boot Scrubber Stations
Specifically designed to keep our boot scrubbers in good operating condition. The Boot Cleaner is a high PH surface sanitizer that is blended with the water in the boot scrubbing cycle to a PPM Level to meet your needs (usually between 400-1000 PPM). Available in a 20 liter container and 55 gallon drums.

Self-Clean A-1

For CleanTech 2000S and CleanTech 4000s Automatic Handwashing Systems
Specifically design to work in the CleanTech 2000S and CleanTech 4000S handwashing stations as a system cleaner. This is a high PH surface sanitizer which the machine automatically runs through the system two times per day or when the system power is turned on. This prevents growth of dangerous pathogens in the facility drain and plumbing, and provides a low maintenance, worry-free option on these two great models. Available in a 4 liter containers and 55 gallon drums.