CleanTech ELF-C Automatic Hand Washing Station
CleanTech ELF-C Automated Handwashing System

CleanTech ELF-C Customizable Handwashing Station

When appearance matters, the CleanTech ELF-C automatic hand washing system is the ideal choice. Designed for counter installation where space is limited, the CleanTech ELF-C features a low-profile top and can be mounted directly into any counter surface. Meritech can customize your Elf-C  installation by providing cabinet options and design in a variety of materials to match your required décor and look.

  • Overview
  • Overview

    • Streamlined stainless look design fits any cabinetry
    • Designed for public use
    • Stainless cabinet option available
    • Low profile aesthetics
    • Custom cabinets available
    • Soap out indicator
  • Specifications
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 20" width x 20" depth x 22 1/2" height with sub-plate
    • Weight: 40 lbs. (varies with options)
    • Shipping Weight: 51 lbs. (varies with options)
    • Cycle Activation: Automatic, via infrared photo-optical sensor 12–second wash and rinse cycle
    • Handwash Compliance Monitor: Counts number of handwash cycles. Optional automatic reset of counter
    • Water Consumption: 0.6 gallons per 12-second hand wash cycle
    • Electrical: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 W
    • Plumbing Inlet: 2 each, 3/4" male hose, hot and cold minimum 4 GPM, 40-100 PSI, 50 PSI optimum, water inlet hoses supplied
    • Drain: Standard 1 1/2" drain stub. P-Trap to be supplied by facility. Ideal drain height 18-20" from floor
    • Solutions Storage: 1 — One gallon or optional 10–liter container of Hand Soap
    • Indicator: Standard handwash compliance counter, Soap out indicator (optional)
    • Protective Modes: Current limited motor. Over temperature auto shut off
    • Cleaning: Per Operators Manual instructions
    • Solutions Compatibility: Solutions provided by Meritech (Other solutions will void warranty)
  • Available Options
  • Available Options

    • Mounts in any type of surface including stainless steel, granite, Corian, Formica, tile
    • Daily auto-reset counter
    • Stainless cabinet (single or double)
  • Ideal Markets
  • Ideal Markets

    Ideal for public use, cruise lines, daycare, food service, and any environment that would benefit from increased hand hygiene compliance. Visit your market for more insight into other available Meritech solutions.