Meritech and Food Safety Magazine Release Employee Hygiene Toolbox for Food Processors

by Meritech, on Feb 28, 2020 3:26:04 PM

Meritech and Food Safety Magazine have partnered to release the Employee Hygiene Toolbox with educational resources to help food manufacturing leaders create a hygiene culture to support food safety.

EHT_ComputerGOLDEN, CO: Meritech, the leader in automated hygiene technology, today announced the release of the Employee Hygiene Toolbox, a free resource library made in partnership with Food Safety Magazine that includes educational content and downloadable guides designed to help food processing leaders cultivate a culture of employee hygiene and food safety excellence in their facilities.

While most food processing leaders understand that employee hygiene significantly impacts food safety, there is a lack of practical tools available to address contamination risk from a behavioral and cultural perspective. The Employee Hygiene Toolbox includes these practical tools in the form of downloadable guides, podcasts, and videos from the hygiene experts at Meritech to help everyone in an organization, from executive leaders to production team members, implement and uphold a hygiene culture. These resources will be accompanied by content from Food Safety Magazine to help reinforce the topics of each module and educate on the importance of a hygiene culture. 

The Employee Hygiene Toolbox includes six modules that will be released throughout the year, each exploring a core component of building a hygiene culture.

The topics in the modules include:

  1. The Importance of Creating a Culture of Employee Hygiene Excellence
  2. Best Practices in Achieving Hand Hygiene Excellence
  3. Best Practices in Achieving Footwear Hygiene Excellence
  4. Employee Hygiene Program Design
  5. Hygiene Program Validation
  6. Ongoing Employee Hygiene Program Reinforcement

paul-1"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the Food Safety Magazine team in bringing this toolbox to life," said Meritech CTO and hygiene expert Paul Barnhill. "Our goal in creating this toolbox is to educate leadership teams and employees on hygiene culture and food safety by establishing and reinforcing effective handwashing and footwear hygiene protocols, and I believe they will be very pleased with the resources we have put together for them."

For more information and to get started building a food safety culture at your facility, register for the employee hygiene toolbox at:

About Meritech
As the leader in automated hygiene technology, Meritech's mission is to save lives and prevent the spread of disease through effective hygiene by overcoming the variability of human behavior. Meritech's innovative automated hygiene technology and solutions have been developed and refined over decades by an experienced team of sanitation, food safety, and healthcare experts. Their unique insights and experience have allowed us to craft automated hygiene stations that are clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens, increase handwashing compliance, integrate seamlessly into facilities, exceed regulatory food safety and sanitation requirements, and make hygiene compliance monitoring and documentation effortless.

About Food Safety Magazine
For almost 25 years, Food Safety Magazine has been supporting  all levels of food safety decision-makers and practitioners in food manufacturing, foodservice, retail, regulatory, and research acquire state-of-the-art, state-of-the-practice knowledge to align food safety science and technology with business strategies that optimize the efficiencies and effectiveness of food safety systems across the supply chain. They have become the go-to source for food safety professionals needing answers to their most pressing questions. On every platform, including print, digital, podcasts, and real-time events, their audience finds the freshest ideas and the most thorough discussions of the challenges facing food safety professionals today.

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