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Automated Hygiene for Entertainment & Recreation

Watch the video to see how Meritech ensures public health and safety.

The power of CleanTech®

With every step in the manual handwashing process changing from person to person and instance to instance it's almost impossible to guarantee clean hands. CleanTech® fully automated handwashing stations are designed to change that so you can feel confident that your guests and employees are washing their hands properly. Using CleanTech® is easy, fun, feels great and paves the way for long term health and safety.

Fast, Easy, & Effective

CleanTech® stations are easy to use for people of all ages, languages, and skill levels. Removes more than 99.9% of harmful germs in just 12 seconds, providing the perfect hand wash for all!

Everyone Loves CleanTech®

Automated hygiene makes patrons feel safe so they can focus more on enjoying your facility.  Also, using CleanTech® is a fun way to wash up, greatly increasing the number of hand wash events.

Commitment to Hygiene

By investing in hand hygiene technology you are making a strong statement that you are committed to health and safety. Show that you are a leader in creating a more hygienic future with CleanTech®.

Unique Hygiene Solutions

We have developed a line of hygiene solutions designed to work specifically with CleanTech® to remove more than 99.9% of harmful germs while promoting skin health. Your hands will be left feeling clean and hydrated after every wash.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Our fully automated handwashing stations waste zero water and hygiene solution. CleanTech® uses the perfect amount of water and solution, 100% of which comes in contact with your hands.

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Zoos, Museums, & Amusement Parks

With new people coming in and out of your facility every day from all over the world, hand hygiene is a crucial aspect of day-to-day operations. Ensure your business is protected while helping guests feel safe.

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Protect the kids in your space and give the parents peace of mind with the knowledge that everyone in the facility can have a perfect hand wash. CleanTech® fully automated handwashing stations are easy to use and easy to maintain so you can be worry free.

CleanTech® for Play Spaces

Rec Facilities & Gyms

Due to close contact and the nature of activity in these facilities hygiene cannot afford to be overlooked. Reduce risk of cross-contamination and ensure safety for all with CleanTech®.

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CleanTech® is trusted by industry leaders to improve health & safety

Overcome the variability of human behavior and ensure effective hygiene by providing a standardized, clinically-validated, and documentable handwash with CleanTech® automated hygiene systems.

“Hand hygiene is an important part of the branding of our business. We are known for our cleanliness, and the fact that every visitor to our center must wash their hands before entering helps set us apart. Meritech automated handwashing systems are a unique offering that no one else in our area has, produce less mess than traditional sinks, and the customer service has always been great - thank you for that!!”
"We love our hand wash machine and receive compliments on it daily. I love that it needs little to no maintenance from my staff and has not rusted or slowed down a bit. It is always functioning properly due to the maintenance your techs provide when they make quarterly or semi-quarterly check-ups. This is SUCH a valuable service in itself. We are not "big fish" customers but you would never know that because we receive quality, caring, and professional service since day one."

“We are an entertainment based facility with a high volume of kids and hand hygiene has always played a heavy role, even prior to COVID. Meritech systems are a great product that can be implemented in many industries. I wish you the best with continued success and growth!”


“Hand hygiene is a top priority in our day-to-day operations. The automated stations speed up the handwashing process and are convenient and easy for the kids.”

"We love the Meritech sink in our unit. It is fun to use with the kids, and the adults enjoy the feel of the "spa-like" handwash. I hope to set up a project in which we would be routinely using the sink to wash hands as a scheduled, fun event."




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