The Perfect Hand Wash for Play Spaces 

CleanTech® Fully Automated Handwashing Stations are perfect for little hands and ensure the removal of more than 99.9% of harmful germs. Make a commitment to child health and safety by implementing our revolutionary technology.

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ELF-C in cabinet
CleanTech® ELF-C
Custom cabinet in daycare entrance
CleanTech® ELF
Wall mount in dining area entrance
CleanTech® ELF-C
Counter install in dining area

Happy kids are dirty kids, because they play – and play is dirty!

 Play areas bring children together, acting as a melting pot for your entire community. Due to the variety of people bringing in a wide array of different germs you are presented with significant risk. It's important to provide an easy and effective handwashing method so you can be confident in guest health and safety, and kids can be kids.

Stop germs in their tracks

CleanTech® ensures your kids have the perfect hand wash, every time. Clinically validated to remove more than 99.9% of harmful germs, you can be confident that germs are stopped in their tracks. 

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Show parents your commitment to safety

By implementing CleanTech® you are making a statement that hygiene is a priority. Parents can rest easy knowing their child's health and safety is of the utmost importance. 

Benefits of CleanTech®

Fast & Easy

CleanTech® stations are easy to use for people of all ages, languages, and skill levels. Plus, a full wash and rinse cycle takes just 12 seconds, compared to a manual wash lasting 30 to 40 seconds.

Loved By Kids & Parents

Provide parents with peace of mind knowing their children and peers are safe and clean. Also, using CleanTech® is a fun way to wash up that the kids will love to use!

Commit to Health & Safety

By investing in hand hygiene technology you are making a strong statement that you are committed to health and safety. Show that you are a leader in creating a more hygienic future with CleanTech®.


CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations have been thoroughly tested to ensure efficacy. With over 50 clinical studies performed we confident that each hand wash removes more than 99.9% of harmful germs.

Unique Hygiene Solutions

Our hand hygiene solution is designed specifically for CleanTech® to remove more than 99.9% of harmful germs while promoting healthy skin! Your hands will be left feeling clean and hydrated after every wash.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

CleanTech® uses 75% less water and produces 75% less waste than manual sinks. CleanTech® uses the perfect amount of water and solution, 100% of which comes in contact with your hands.

CleanTech® Stations for Play Areas


CleanTech® ELF

Compact in both size and design, this system features and aesthetic design and has options for colorful and fun skins to match the look and feel of your facility.

elf-cSquare (1)

CleanTech® ELF-C

*Pictured with optional cabinet
Designed for counter installation where space is limited, the ELF-C features a low-profile top and can be mounted directly into any counter surface.


CleanTech® 500

Featuring a stainless steel cabinet that is designed for wall mount for locations where durability is important and space is a factor.


CleanTech® 500-C

*Pictured with optional cabinet
Designed for counter installation to match the look and feel of your decor, the 500-C features a low-profile ABS Plastic top and can be mounted directly into any counter surface.


Overall, they have held up well to being used at varying intervals by children and adults who have no prior experience with these types of machines. We appreciate the visits from the technician, especially since we are not especially mechanically inclined.

-Itty Bitty City

We love our hand wash machine and receive compliments on it daily. I love that it needs little to no maintenance from my staff and has not rusted or slowed down a bit. It is always functioning properly due to the maintenance your techs provide when they make quarterly or semi-quarterly check-ups.

- Flex 24 Fitness

We love the Meritech sink in our unit. It is fun to use with the kids, and the adults enjoy the feel of the "spa-like" handwash. I hope to set up a project in which we would be routinely using the sink to wash hands as a scheduled, fun event.

- St. Mary's Kids

We absolutely love our handwashing machines. We have had several students touring our plant in the last month who have commented on how cool they are. They seem to dry our hands out less than out old hand soap and conventional sink. I am happy to say we have not had a single complaint! We are hoping to purchase more units in the future!

- Penn State University

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