Achieve the perfect hand wash with a CleanTech® Daycare Hand Washing Station

CleanTech® fully automated daycare hand washing Stations are perfect for little hands and ensure the removal of more than 99.9% of harmful germs. Make a commitment to child health and safety by implementing our revolutionary technology.

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daycare hand washing station
CleanTech® ELF
Wall mount in dining area entrance
daycare hand washing station
CleanTech® ELF-C
Custom cabinet in childcare entrance
daycare hand washing station
CleanTech® ELF
Wall mount in care center entrance

Learning is Messy Business

Children learn through play, and play is inherently interactive. Without clean hands the risk of kids making one another sick is incredibly high. It's important to provide an easy and effective daycare hand washing station so you can be confident in their health and safety, and kids can be kids.

Stop germs in their tracks

A CleanTech® automated daycare hand washing station ensures your kids have the perfect hand wash, every time. Clinically validated to remove more than 99.9% of harmful germs, you can be confident that germs are stopped in their tracks. 

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Show parents your commitment to safety

By implementing CleanTech® you are making a statement that hygiene is a priority. Parents can rest easy knowing their child's health and safety is of the utmost importance. 

Benefits of CleanTech®

Fast, Easy, & Effective

CleanTech® stations are easy to use for people of all ages, languages, and skill levels. Removes more than 99.9% of harmful germs in just 12 seconds, providing the perfect hand wash for all!

Loved By Kids & Parents

Provide parents with peace of mind knowing their children and peers are safe and clean. Also, using CleanTech® is a fun way to wash up that the kids will love to use!

Commitment to Hygiene

By investing in hand hygiene technology you are making a strong statement that you are committed to health and safety. Show that you are a leader in creating a more hygienic future with CleanTech®.

Reduce Sick Days

With a standardized and validated handwashing method you greatly reduce the possibility of infection spread. By providing the perfect hand wash you can keep your kids healthy, safe, and in the classroom.

Unique Hygiene Solutions

Our hand hygiene solution is designed specifically for CleanTech® to remove more than 99.9% of harmful germs while promoting healthy skin! Kids hands will be left feeling clean and hydrated after every wash.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

CleanTech® wastes zero water or solution. CleanTech® uses the perfect amount of water and solution, 100% of which comes in contact with your hands.

CleanTech® Stations for Childcare


EVO Wall

Wall mounted handwashing station, built with durable and easy-to-clean plastic and stainless steel with an aesthetic design


EVO In-Counter

*Pictured with optional cabinet
Designed for counter installation to match the look and feel of your decor, the EVO In-Counter is a low-profile ABS Plastic top and can be mounted directly into any counter surface.

Hygiene Education for Childcare


Hand hygiene is a top priority in our day-to-day operations. The automated stations speed up the handwashing process and are convenient and easy for the kids.

-Itty Bitty City

We love the Meritech sink in our unit. It is fun to use with the kids, and the adults enjoy the feel of the "spa-like" handwash. I hope to set up a project in which we would be routinely using the sink to wash hands as a scheduled, fun event.

-St. Mary's Kids

We first saw the Meritech automated handwashing systems on the Disney Cruise and thought they were such a great idea that we purchased a system for our home-based daycare in MA. We have it installed at the entry where all the kids come in and out for activities. Children do not always wash their hands properly and the system helps to eliminate error. Additionally, the ease of use and enjoyment the kids get out of using the system increases their compliance and takes a burden off our shoulders in ensuring they are washing their hands often enough. I highly recommend this product for childcare providers.

- Rita Book's Daycare

We are an entertainment based facility with a high volume of kids and hand hygiene has always played a heavy role, even prior to Covid. Meritech systems are a great product that can be implemented into many industries. I wish you the best with continued success and growth!

- Sawmill Adventure Park




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