Handwashing Stations For College & University Infection Control

Foodborne illness and norovirus are two of the biggest health challenges facing schools today, and Meritech can help by assisting with a variety of automated handwashing systems for kitchen staff and student use. We have installed systems in college dining hall entrances for students to use prior to eating, in cafeterias at the front of self-serve lines, in food prep and in ready-to-eat production areas for food service hand hygiene. All of our systems help to reduce the risk of disease transmission or food borne illness by insuring that students and staff wash more, perform a more effective hand wash every time, and become aware of the importance of hand hygiene in stopping the spread of infectious diseases. With thousands or tens of thousands of students all living in close proximity and moving quickly around campus, pathogens can be spread rapidly from facility to facility and ultimately from student to student which elevates the need for hygiene solutions in colleges and universities.


Benefits of Meritech Systems in Colleges for Students and Staff

  • Students love the systems! (And so do their parents!)
  • Automated handwashing systems demonstrate that your college cares about health and wellness
  • Faster than a manual wash and effective every time
  • Effective against Norvirus (99.993% removal; ask us for the data)
  • Can design to fit in dining and living areas of your campus
  • Employees wash more often and more effectively with an average 400% increase in compliance
  • Reduces water usage and waste discharge by 75% vs. manual washing
  • More effective than alcohol gel without damaging the skin
  • Satisfies the requirements of the Food Code in all 50 states
  • Show your students you care and create a culture of wellness on you campus
  • Meritech can design and deliver custom products and cabinetry!
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