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MBW Soles Only Boot Scrubber Station

by Meritech, on August 2,2017



The MBW Soles Only Automated Boot Scrubber is a walk-thru footwear scrubbing system that effectively washes and sanitizes the bottoms of any type of footwear (even laced shoes). The MBW Soles Only standardizes footwear hygiene and eliminates cross contamination risk from footwear by automatically maintaining the effective PPM level of sanitizing chemical applied to footwear in combination with the powerful scrubbing action of the rotating brushes.

The MBW Soles Only industrial boot scrubber is designed for safety with tool-less brush removal and stainless steel clean-in-place (CIP) design for quick and easy maintenance. All Meritech Boot Scrubbers are proudly made and manufactured in the USA. 

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