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The MBW 3000 Automatic Boot Scrubber is a walk-thru footwear scrubbing system that is perfect for food processing companies as it effectively washes and sanitizes the soles and sides of work boots up to 3". Designed for wet, industrial environments the MBW 3000 boot scrubbing station is ideal for specialty markets like dairy, wet food production and agricultural applications. In just seconds, this boot scrubber provides cross contamination control between processing operations by continuously applying a strong sanitizing solution to boots through high-pressure nozzle jets and rotating scrubbing brushes. 


Meritech's line of boot scrubbers for food production companies are easy to use, clean and maintain. The brushes can be removed in just minutes for a quick cleaning or replacement, and features a stainless steel clean-in-place (CIP) design for quick and easy maintenance. Plus, the MBW line of boot scrubbers includes ultra-compact stations with the smallest footprint in the industry, so they can fit almost anywhere. 


Proven to help improve the sanitation and hygiene in the food industry, Meritech's ultra-compact walk-thru boot scrubbers: 

  • Are consistently effective 
  • Increase footwear hygiene compliance
  • Are CIP-friendly and designed for the utmost safety
  • Are durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting
  • Are 100% made and manufactured in the USA
  • Come with a 1-year parts warranty

Is the MBW 3000 the right footwear sanitizing solution for your facility?

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