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Meritech is the Gold Standard in Employee Hygiene. 


The CleanTech 4000S Industrial Handwashing Station is ideal for manufacturing settings where large shift changes occur and compliance is necessary. This automated handwashing system has three hand wash stations in a stainless-steel water-resistant housing that can be hosed down for easy external cleaning. Designed for high-volume, high-frequency handwashing, the 4000S handwashing system houses two 4 liter containers of Ultra Pure 2% hand soap and one gallon of Self-Clean solution per station allowing for 15-20 hand washes per minute.

Our variety of automated hand washing machines clean hands faster and better than a manual wash. By automating and speeding up the hand washing process to just 12 seconds we help improve overall sanitation in food processing plants! Our automatic handwashing machines: 


  • Increase hand wash compliance by over 400%
  • Eliminate 99.98% of dangerous pathogens
  • Use 75% less water
  • Exceed SQF, BRC & cGMP standards

Meritech’s automated hand-washing machines eliminate 99.98% of dangerous pathogens and help ensure the safety of your products protecting your brand and customers. Plus, every Meritech product comes with a five-year parts warranty - Schedule an on-site demonstration and free consultation today!