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CleanTech® 4000S High-Volume Handwashing Station

by Meritech, on July 27,2017



The CleanTech® automated footwear sanitizing pan is an integrated footwear hygiene option available on CleanTech® 2000S industrial handwashing station and CleanTech®4000S multi-bay automatic handwashing system from Meritech.

The automated footwear sanitizing pan automatically maintains the effective PPM level of sanitizing chemical and guarantees the appropriate contact time for optimal pathogen reduction on footwear. CleanTech® is clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands with each wash while using 75% less water and producing 75% less waste than washing in a traditional sink.

When paired with the CleanTech® automated handwashing system, the automated boot sanitizing pan provides a full cGMP employee hygiene protocol for food manufacturing facilities. CleanTech® is made and manufactured in the USA by Meritech. 

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