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The CleanTech® 4000S Automated Handwashing System is ideal for high-volume throughput in industrial environments in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing where the utmost compliance is necessary. This automated handwashing station features three bays of handwashing systems, has a self-cleaning feature, and sports an industrial stainless steel design that can be hosed down for easy external cleaning. 

At Meritech, we design a variety of automated hand washing machines that clean hands faster and better than a manual wash. By automating and speeding up the hand washing process we improve sanitation in food processing plants in just 12-seconds!


CleanTech® automated handwashing machines: 

  • Are clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands
  • Quality control and standardize the hand hygiene process
  • Increase handwashing compliance
  • Use 75% less water and produce 75% less waste than traditional sinks
  • Exceed SQF, BRC & cGMP standards

Meritech’s automated hand-washing machines eliminate cross contamination risk from employee hygiene and help ensure the safety of your products protecting your brand and customers.  


Is the CleanTech® 4000S the right hygiene solution for your facility?

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