Health Care and Medical Infection Prevention

HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) are an enormous problem worldwide in our healthcare systems. In the U.S. alone, estimates range from 100,000 to half a million deaths per year as a result of HAI’s, many of them preventable with proper employee hand washing. Hands are the most dangerous vector for the transmission of pathogens in any environment; hospitals are dangerous places and even more dangerous without a tool to insure high quality hand hygiene. The Meritech CleanTech automatic handwashing stations provide an ideal infection prevention solution, providing a high quality, verifiable hand hygiene event in 12 seconds so that busy health care professionals have an effective tool to use in the fight to end HAIs’.


Benefits of Meritech Systems

CleanTech Automated Handwashing Systems:

  • Increase handwashing compliance and effectiveness
  • Improve skin health with added emollients
  • Guarantee an effective hygiene event
  • Great for use by visitors, family, siblings and health care workers (HCW)
  • Demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to patient safety
  • Perfect for NICUs, ICUs and other areas where patients are at high risk
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