Employee Hand Hygiene Compliance Challenges in Food Service and Retail

Of the 12 required hand hygiene events in the Model Food Code, Meritech equipment can be used for all 12! The Model Food Code expressly authorizes the use of automated handwash stations where there is little or light debris removal required. Our studies comparing patented CleanTech handwashing systems and traditional handwashing have shown huge increases in handwashing compliance and the number of handwashes, with an average of around a 400% increase over time. Because the automatic hand washing stations are easy to use, it makes your company’s training program for employee hand hygiene easier to implement and easier to train new team members. The 12 second wash and rinse cycle means your employees get a high quality handwash in 75% less time than it takes to perform a proper manual hand wash.


Benefits of Meritech Automated Handwashing Systems

In addition to effective pathogen removal every hand wash, Meritech handwashing stations have additional benefits:

  • Easy to train new employees on how to effectively wash the hands
  • Faster than a manual wash and effective every time
  • Employees wash more often with an average 400% increase in compliance
  • Reduced water usage and waste discharge
  • Satisfies the requirements of the Food Code in all 50 states!
  • Proprietary hand soap is effective and skin friendly
  • Show your customers you care!
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