Meritech Automated Handwashing Systems for Cruise Ships

Passengers and crew alike appreciate the ease of use and the fast, effective hand wash experience provided by a Meritech automated handwashing system on cruises. The primary infectious disease challenge faced by the cruise industry is Norovirus, which can sicken hundreds of passengers at a time. Hand sanitizing solutions (such as alcohol gels) are often provided to passengers as a preventative measure — and those solutions are not nearly as effective as manual hand washing. Now, hand wash facilities (including automated hand wash systems such as CleanTech) are required by US CDC USP new cruise ship building and  cruise lines refurbishment guidelines in specific locations. You can create a fun experience on your cruise  while still being focused on passenger safety, health and wellness.


Benefits of Meritech Handwashing Systems for Cruises

Keep your passengers safe and healthy with the latest technology in hand hygiene. Meritech automated hand washing systems have many benefits:

  • Easy to use and effective every time
  • Increased frequency of hand washing by passengers reduces risk of Noro outbreaks
  • Meritech designs and delivers custom products and cabinetry!
  • Our hand wash soaps are skin–friendly with added emollients and passengers wash more and alcohol–based gels!
  • Great for crew to provide an effective CPC approved wash every time.
  • A perfect fit for your buffet and self-serve areas, your pool deck, on your lido deck, children’s zones, and in your public restrooms.
  • Our systems eliminate/remove noro in a 12-second cycle (99.993%)
Ready to increase handwashing on your ship?