Hand Hygiene Audit Tool

by Meritech, on Sep 24, 2021 11:11:13 AM

How well is your team following hygiene SOPs? 

hand hygiene audit tool Worksheet

One of the ways to validate the efficacy of hygiene SOPs is with the "Secret Shopper" method. As employees proceed throughout the hygiene zone, the auditor should observe each step and write down a point value based on how the employee performed. This hand hygiene audit tool helps you perform a "Secret Shopper" Hygiene Audit at your facility! 

Perform audits on:

  • Footwear sanitation
  • Donning frocks & smocks
  • PPE
  • Hand washing and drying

Hygiene audits are a crucial aspect of food safety management. This hand hygiene audit tool can help to prepare your facility for external audits such as GSFI. Learn more about food safety audits.

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