Hygiene Zoning Checklist

by Meritech, on Oct 1, 2021 9:59:52 AM

Get points to help your team always follow hygienic zoning best practices!

hygiene zoning checklist

Continued education and reinforcement not only helps maintain a safer working environment but also helps ensure food safety. This hygiene zoning checklist is designed to provide talking points to bring up with your team about following proper hygiene zone procedures.

This checklist includes

  • Footwear sanitation
  • PPE
  • Handwashing
    and more!

Utilizing this hygiene zoning checklist can help to address the areas that need attention for your teams in regards to food safety. Regular review of your own hygiene protocols puts food safety top of mind for your team members. Learn about how automation can help to make hand hygiene in hygiene zones better. 

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