Food Safety and Sanitation Checklist

by Meritech, on Oct 1, 2021 9:22:16 AM

food safety and sanitation checklist

This food safety and sanitation checklist is designed to provide guidance when onboarding new production team members to introduce good hygiene practices and ensure food safety in production areas. It covers everything from personal hygiene to hygiene SSOPs to help guarantee that new hires have complete understanding of the importance of hygiene in ensuring food safety at your facility.

This checklist includes guidance on:

  • An introduction to hygiene
  • Hygiene SSOP's Training
  • Hygiene SSOP's Review

This is an excellent resource for food safety managers and other leaders to make sure that all food safety and sanitation topics are being covered for new team members. We also recommend utilizing this food safety and sanitation checklist during safety day trainings and other hygiene events that your company organizes to remind veteran employees of these important topics. Learn about creating a food safety culture plan!

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