Hygiene Bingo

by Meritech, on Sep 17, 2021 1:29:17 PM

Download hygiene bingo for safety days!

hygiene bingo

Make your next safety day fun and interactive with hygiene bingo! This is a great way to engage production team members during a hygiene safety day. Give each team member a Bingo card and have them track performance over time, marking an “X” for each box they complete. Award prizes for the first player to complete a row or fill up the whole Bingo card!

The bingo topics include things like:

  • Following hygiene SOPs
  • Avoiding cross-contamination touchpoints
  • Putting on PPE in correct order
    And many more!

Hygiene bingo has been a big hit with companies that are looking to add an interactive aspect to safety days. Learn more about how to have a successful safety day!

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