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CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations

Remove more than 99.9% of pathogens from hands in just 12 seconds with CleanTech® Automated Hand Washers! 

We've spent over three decades developing and perfecting hand washing systems to automate the handwashing process, overcome human variability and provide a vastly more effective and consistent hand hygiene event. Our CleanTech® Automated Hand Washing Stations are clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of pathogens in just 12 seconds - Nearly half the time of a proper manual handwash! 

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Why Automated Hand Washing Stations Are Better


Consistent Pathogen Removal

Each person washes their hands differently. Remove variability and ensure more than 99.9% of pathogens are removed each and every time with CleanTech® automated handwashing stations. 


Quick & Easy to Use

Automated handwashing takes just 12 seconds, nearly half the time of a proper manual hand wash! Plus automated hand wash stations are fun for everyone to use from kids to adults! 


Eco-Friendly Design

CleanTech® is a zero-waste hand wash station that uses up to 75% less water and produces up to 75% less waste while maximizing energy efficiency. 

Try Automated Hand Washing Risk-Free for 60 Days

CleanTech® Plus gives you everything you need to ensure the perfect hand wash for a low monthly price: 

  • All hand sanitation stations, solutions & service included
  • Full parts and labor warranty
  • Free shipping
  • No-up front cost
  • Flexible cancellation


CleanTech® Hygiene Stations For Every Business

Customers Will Love Them


CleanTech® Hand Sanitation Stations:

  • Are great for public facing and commercial environments
  • Demonstrate your passion for guest safety
  • Works with any type of counter top and branding
  • Easy for people of all ages to use
  • Can be used in both front of house and back of house areas

More Information

Simultaneous Footwear Sanitation


Our CleanTech® Footwear Enhancements:

  • Guarantee 12 seconds of contact time with footwear hygiene solutions
  • Wetted boot dip or fast evaporating alcohol-based solution available
  • Compatible with our 2000S and 4000S models
  • Works with any type of footwear 
  • Automatically refills and maintains USDA and FDA approved PPM 

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