Handwashing Systems

How CleanTech Works

When the user steps up to the CleanTech hand washing machine, and inserts hands into the two wash cylinders, the 12-second wash-sanitize-rinse cycle automatically starts. The rotating cylinders — with high-pressure, low-volume jets — spray water and mix in a proprietary soap formulation. The 20 spray jets in each cylinder are placed in a spiral configuration to clean fingertips, hands, wrists, and under fingernails. The 12-second cycle performs a precisely measured and controlled pre-rinse, wash and post-rinse. The user leaves their hands in the system until the cycle stops, then immediately dries their hands using a no-touch paper towel dispenser or a no-touch air dryer.

Benefits of a CleanTech Hand Washing Machine

  • Quickest, easiest, most consistent, and absolutely the most effective handwashing technology
  • The ONLY fully automated, touch-free systems available worldwide
  • Consistent and effective wash every time for every user
  • Every wash is tracked and monitored with a compliance monitor on every model
  • Cost savings in water, waste, soap reduction and increase in labor efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly – 75% less waste compared to manual handwashing
  • Safe work environment for improved employee morale and productivity
  • Brand Protection — reduce liability risk through workplace pathogen control
  • Increased productivity – employees get back to work faster with clean hands
  • Demonstrates to everyone that your company cares about hygiene and product safety


CleanTech for Every Application

Our exclusive CleanTech hand washing machines range from compact single use equipment, to fully integrated walk-through hand and boot washing systems for high volume traffic. Multiple choices and options in each line are available to fit the needs and budgets of a variety of industries and applications.