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Health Care and Medical Infection Prevention

HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) are an enormous problem worldwide in our healthcare systems. In the U.S. alone estimates range from 100,000 to half a million deaths per year as a result of HAI’s, many of them preventable. And hands are the most dangerous vector for the transmission of pathogens in any environment; hospitals are dangerous places and even more dangerous without a tool to insure high quality hand hygiene. Meritech’s CleanTech handwashing systems provide an ideal infection prevention solution, providing a high quality, verifiable hand hygiene event in 12 seconds so that busy health care professionals have an effective tool to use in the fight to end HAI’s’.

Benefits of Meritech Systems

CleanTech handwashing systems:

  • Encourage frequent handwashing

  • Improve hand health for the control of HAI

  • Improve hospital-wide hygiene compliance

  • Provide measurable compliance systems

  • Great for use by visitors, family, siblings

  • Demonstrates a hospitals commitment to a safety culture

  • Perfect for NICUs, ICUs and other areas where patients are at high risk

Fast and Effective Handwashing

Our CleanTech line of products provides a fully effective hand wash that destroys 99.98% of the pathogens in 12 seconds. When compared to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended 30-45 second manual hand wash, our CleanTech systems save time for doctors and other hospital employees. Because our medical hand hygiene protocol equipment is fully-automated and easy to use, CleanTech handwashing equipment has also been shown to increase the frequency of handwashing by three to four times versus manual washing.

Healthy Skin Promotes Optimum Hand Hygiene & Compliance

Meritech believes that good hand hygiene starts with good skin health. Contact irritant dermatitis is the top concern for health care workers in hospitals today, and the condition is one of the factors contributing to poor hand hygiene practice because damaged hands discourage hand hygiene events (because it hurts!). Contact dermatitis is caused by frequent handwashing with damaging, harsh soaps or, worse, by the overuse of alcohol gel sanitizers that remove all the oil from the skin and actually create lesions on the hands. This painful condition causes a decrease in hygiene events and potentially an increase in HAI’s and Meritech can help with its patented, technology-based systems that use a gentle, non-irritating soap with no alcohol, dyes or fragrances and added skin conditioners.

Handwashing vs. Hand Sanitizing

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, though a necessary part of the infection prevention process, are known to have irritating effects on the skin. Overuse will inevitably cause dry and abraded hands and effect skin health. Automating the hand hygiene process with CleanTech handwashing stations and solutions eases the negative effects of excessive manual scrubbing and overuse of alcohol agents. Many hospitals encourage the use of a Meritech’s system for every 5 hand hygiene events in order to ensure that a gentle skin conditioning event occurs frequently to offset the damaging effect of alcohol gel.

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