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Hand Hygiene Compliance Challenges in Food Service and Retail

Meritech’s line of automated CleanTech handwashing systems, many of which have been specifically designed for food service and retail environments, are perfect for increasing restaurant hand hygiene in kitchen staff, counter staff, and even for patrons and guests. The Model Food Code expressly authorizes the use of our automated handwash stations where there is little or light debris removal required, so our technology is perfect for employees after taking a break, using the restroom, and after sneezing or coughing. Of the 12 required hand hygiene events in the Model Food Code, Meritech equipment can be used for all 12! Our patented CleanTech technology will increase your employees’ commitment to hand hygiene, make clear your company’s commitment to food safety and protects your brand while at the same time making your employees and team members more efficient. Food safety is your number one priority; we help make it the number one priority of all of your employees.

Benefits of Meritech Systems

In addition to pathogen control, Meritech handwashing systems:

  • Easy to train new employees on how to effectively wash the hands

  • Faster than a manual wash and effective every time

  • Employees wash more often with an average 400% increase in compliance

  • Reduces water usage and waste discharge

  • Satisfies the requirements of the Food Code in all 50 states!

  • Show your customers you care!

Easy Handwashing Improves Restaurant Productivity and Creates a Culture of Food Safety Excellence

CleanTech handwashing systems are fast, effective and easy to use. Our studies have shown huge increases in handwashing compliance and the number of handwashes, with an average of around a 400% increase over time.  Because the systems are easy to use, it makes your company’s training program for hand hygiene easier to implement and easier to monitor using the integrated compliance monitoring system in all of our systems. The 12 second cycle means your employees get a high quality handwash in less time than it takes to perform a manual wash.

Meritech handwashing systems for restaurants and retail food operations can be wall mounted, built into your existing counter, or Meritech can deliver a freestanding unit or design a custom cabinet that fits your décor. Many restaurants use multiple CleanTech units to insure that employee hygiene practices are followed at every entry point to food service and food preparation areas, as well as outside of employee bathrooms, at wait stations and dish stations. Many restaurants put our systems in areas where customers can see the employees washing as a way of demonstrating to customers the commitment to safe food and clean employees.

Recommended Products for Food Service

We understand the hygiene demands you face in Food Service and Retail. Here are the products we recommend to provide the ideal hygiene solution.

Need a Custom Solution?

Meritech is available to work with you to solve your unique hygiene challenge. Tap into our years of experience in pathogen control to create the best custom solution for your specific application.

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