Food Processing

Food Safety Solutions for Food Processing

Meritech handwashing systems and boot scrubbers are built to perform in all sizes and types of food processing environments. Food processing and hand hygiene go hand in hand. From poultry farms to food packaging operations to ready to eat production facilities, Meritech provides the ultimate food plant sanitation and food safety solutions to eliminate the risk of foodborne illness caused by improper and ineffective hand hygiene and boot scrubbing practices by employees.

Benefits of Meritech Systems

In addition to pathogen removal and cross contamination control, Meritech handwashing systems and boot scrubbers:

  • Save money on heating water, reduction of water use and waste discharge

  • Effectively use every ounce of soap that is dispensed instead of washing it down the drain

  • Increase employee productivity and demonstrate Company commitment to safety

  • Eliminate variability in the hygiene process for quality assurance documentation

  • Offer quick ROI on the investment (as short as 4 weeks in some cases; ask for a customized ROI)

Food Safety and Compliance

Food safety is a major concern to every food production, food processing, food handling, food packaging and RTE facility in the world, with regulations and more stringent safety standards driving many process improvements and equipment upgrades. Inspections by regulatory authorities and third party auditors are an important part of the system that is changing attitudes and the culture of food safety, but the most important factor is the commitment that companies are making to their customers, to employees and to other stakeholders to ensure the safety of all products and to safeguard the integrity of the company brand and reputation. For the safety of food processing operations, Meritech handwashing stations and boot scrubbers consistently eliminate 99.98% of all harmful germs from hands and boots in just 12 seconds.  Meritech systems are revolutionizing food plant sanitation and are an affordable way to improve your food processing hygiene.

Meritech automated hand and boot washing systems guarantee uniform HACCP and SSOP compliance, as well as exceed the requirements of food safety standards like SQF and BRC. Because food companies are responsible for managing the critical control points of their operations, Meritech makes compliance a technology-based, verifiable process. Every Meritech system integrates a compliance monitoring feature that is used to monitor usage and to track compliance trends, and Meritech Customer Service can assist you with your customized training and education programs.

Recommended Products for Food Processing

We understand the sanitation and hygiene demands you face in the Food Processing world. Here are the products we recommend to provide the ideal hygiene solution and food plant sanitation:


Need a Custom Solution?

Meritech is available to work with you to solve your unique hygiene challenge. Tap into our years of experience in pathogen control to create the best custom solution for your specific application.

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