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Meritech Automated Handwashing Systems for Cruise Ships

Passengers and crew alike will appreciate the ease of use and the fast, effective hand wash experience provided by a Meritech automated handwashing system. The primary infectious disease challenge faced by the cruise industry is Norovirus, which can sicken an entire ship. Hand sanitizing solutions (such as ethyl alcohol) are often provided to passengers as a preventative measure — especially in shipboard locations not originally equipped with dedicated hand wash facilities. Ethyl alcohol-based solutions above 62% ethanol (ethyl alcohol) have been recommended by the US VSP/CDC program guidelines for cruise ship passengers. Now, hand wash facilities (including automated hand wash systems such as CleanTech) are required by design through established US CDC new ship building guidelines in certain locations — but not all food or high hand-contact areas.

Benefits of Meritech Systems on Your Ships

In addition to impressing your passengers with the latest technology in hand hygiene, Meritech handwashing systems have many additional benefits:

  • Easy to use the systems

  • Faster than a manual wash and more effective every time

  • Increased frequency of hand washing by passengers and reduced risk of Norovirus outbreaks

  • Cruise ship passengers have come to expect the best hand hygiene solutions onboard ships, and often choose cruise ship travel/vacations with cruise lines that develop effective hand hygiene solutions.

  • Creates an environment focused on safety, health and wellness. Children especially, enjoy using our hand wash systems. Using automated hand wash systems has become a learning platform (good hand hygiene and how important it is for their health) as they interact with other passengers onboard and eventually in their daily lives, after cruising.

  • Easy to install; better appearance than manual sinks, and they are effective and efficient!

  • Meritech designs and delivers custom products and cabinetry!

  • Our hand wash soaps are moisturizing, soothing and more natural-feeling than the constant saturation of alcohol-based sanitizers or harsh solutions that may be used by standard soap dispensers at manual hand wash sinks.

    Please contact us to get a copy of our studies that show (1) Our systems eliminate/remove surrogate norovirus in a 12-second cycle (99.993% removal); and (2) automated systems over time consume less resources than a manual hand wash sink.

Areas without dedicated built-in hand washing facilities may include: gangways or pre-boarding areas, restaurant and buffet entries (ships built prior to 2015 were not required to offer hand washing prior to buffet use), and even show theaters where food and beverages may be consumed. For many years, cruise ship passengers have accepted the practice of rubbing their hands with gels from haphazardly-placed portable sanitizer dispensers. Due to variations in hand sanitizer chemistries and the way users interact with the dispensers, it is widely agreed upon that hand sanitizers are less effective than an automated hand wash, or even manual hand washing with a sink and faucet.

Our growing cruise industry business is being driven by cruise lines that have a commitment to passenger health and safety, and to the reputation of the entire industry. Cruise lines are installing Meritech systems to reduce the risk of person-to-person outbreaks such as Norovirus. Meritech is stepping up to deliver customized, innovative new designs for cruise line needs to improve hand washing compliance by all.

Our equipment is a perfect fit for your buffet and self-serve areas, your pool deck, on your lido deck, children’s zones, and in your public restrooms. Do you have a ship headed for drydock? Consider updating your hand hygiene approach with the addition of our CleanTech automated handwashing systems. We even install our equipment in crew areas to make handwashing a priority in critical crew process areas, such as waiter station soiled dish drops, crew mess hall entries, and next to marine sanitation devices for maintenance staff.

Meritech offers cruise line-specific training and educational manuals, and develops custom video training for passengers. We also provide materials promoting hand hygiene, outlining the benefits of CleanTech automated handwashing. Additionally, Meritech engineers and marketing professionals can assist with design, installation, crew training, instructional signage, and other informational materials. All of our efforts are designed to help our cruise industry customers deliver the best possible cruise experience to their passengers.

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