Away From Home

Meritech Mitigates Consumer Health & Safety Issues On The Go

Meritech automated handwashing technology is rapidly moving into more away from home markets and locations as the public has become very aware of the importance of hand hygiene in reducing illness and protecting themselves and others from dangerous pathogens and pandemic health issues. And make no mistake, the pathogens are getting more dangerous each year.

Benefits of Meritech Systems in Public Places for Public Use

  • Proven acceptance by the public on cruise lines, in restaurants and at theme parks

  • Automated handwashing systems show that you care enough to adopt the latest technology

  • Faster than a manual wash and effective every time

  • Effective against Norvirus (99.993% removal; ask us for the data)

  • Can design to fit into any area, inside or outside, and in any décor/design

  • Easy to instruct on usage via good signage

  • Every wash is effective, reducing the risk of spreading infections

  • Reduces water usage and waste discharge by 75% vs. manual washing

  • No one likes alcohol gel! So you are giving people a great option

  • Easy to install. Easy to maintain. And Meritech provides service technicians to help.

In addition to cruise lines and colleges, restaurants are starting to place our systems in areas where customers can use them prior to eating and after they are finished dining. Meritech automated handwashing units are perfect for high traffic areas like airports, train stations, and other transit systems that bring crowds of people together from widely dispersed locations, potentially exposing everyone to new and different infectious agents.  Zoos, theme parks, petting zoos are all starting to explore the benefits of CleanTech to protect visitors and guests and Meritech can customize any installation to blend in and to fit with the décor and the layout of your facility or location. CleanTech can work for you inside your buildings or outside; anywhere where people need to wash their hands (which is everywhere) and increase personal hygiene as well!

Recommended Products for Away From Home locations

Meritech recommends these products to provide the ideal hygiene solution in public, away from home locations and facilities. Contact us to discuss the best system for your particular location.

Need a Custom Solution?

Meritech is available to work with you to solve your unique hygiene challenge. Tap into our years of experience in pathogen control to create the best custom solution for your specific application.

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