Achieve Hygiene Excellence.

Automated Hygiene Technology for
Food Safety Brochure

Did you know that last year in the US alone there were 382 food product recalls. This means on average there was a recall at least once every day! And with the FDA citing sanitation monitoring as the #1 most common audit violation, it is clear that poor employee hygiene and sanitation control are a giant issue.

So, how can food processors know that employees are washing their hands and sanitizing footwear properly? Without a consistent and validated process, you can't.

Between SOP compliance issues, contamination outbreaks, product recalls, passing upcoming audits, and operational efficiency challenges, it may feel like you are facing insurmountable odds in achieving cGMP employee hygiene—and you are not alone.

Download this brochure to learn how Meritech’s automated hygiene technology can help you:

  • Guarantee effective hygiene by consistently removing 99.9% of dangerous pathogens from hands
  • Eliminate the risk of an employee hygiene-related food recall
  • Increase employee hygiene SSOP and HACCP plan compliance
  • Make compliance monitoring and documentation effortless
  • Impress customers and auditors with your dedication to the highest food safety standards

Download Brochure

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