CleanTech 4000SB Automatic Hand Washing Station with Boot Sanitizer
CleanTech 4000SB Automated Boot & Hand Sanitizing System 

CleanTech 4000SB Automatic Hand Washing Station with Boot Sanitizer

The 4000SB automated handwashing system includes a boot dip sanitizing pan for efficient footwear sanitizing. Simultaneous disinfection  can reduce or eliminate the spread of pathogens while simultaneously getting employees back to work faster. The Meritech CleanTech automated handwashing system with optional footwear sanitizing pans guarantee clean hands and sanitized shoes in just 12 seconds. The fully automated sanitizing pan recharges during every hand wash with the system releasing additional sanitizing chemical to maintain PPM at a consistent and effective “kill”–level, controlled between 800-1000 PPM.

  • Overview
  • Overview

    • Self-cleaning
    • Stainless steel
    • Watertight electronics
    • Freestanding on floor
    • Visible compliance monitor
    • Soap out and self-clean solution out gauge
    • Boot dip/sanitizing pan
  • Specifications
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 19” width x 21 1/2” depth x 48 1/2” height
    • Weight: 98 lbs. (varies with options)
    • Shipping Weight: 155 lbs. (varies with options)
    • Cycle Activation: Automatic via infrared photo-optical sensor
    • Handwash Compliance Monitor: Counts number of handwash cycles
    • Solutions Gauge: Indicates Normal/Empty/Blocked
    • Water Consumption: 0.6 gallons at a 12-second cycle
    • Electrical: System: 100-250 VAC 50/60 Hz, 300 watts
    • Optional Air Dryer: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz, 2000 watts
    • Plumbing Inlet: 3/4” male garden hose, Minimum 4 GPM, 40-100 PSI, hot & cold lines
    • Drain: Standard 1 1/2” drain stub, “P” Trap to be supplied by facility
    • Solutions Storage: 2 – Gallon hand solutions containers, 1 – Gallon Self-Clean container
    • Solutions Compatibility: Solutions provided or approved by Meritech (Other solutions will void warranty)
  • Available Options
  • Available Options

    • Durable stainless steel, watertight cabinet for CIP
    • Ideal for high-traffic, high-volume environments
    • Handwash compliance monitor
    • Two 4 liter soap bottles; one gallon self-clean solution
    • Soap-out and self-clean empty indicator
    • Boot dip pan
    • Turnstile connection electronics
    • Resettable compliance monitor
    • Cleanroom industry model for DI water connections
    • Additional Options:
      • Air Dryer
      • Boot Dip Pan
      • Turnstile
  • Ideal Markets
  • Ideal Markets

    The CleanTech 2000S is doing the dirty work in several different markets. Visit your market for more insight into other available Meritech solutions.