Sole Clean Dry Step Automated Footwear Hygiene System

Sole Clean Dry Step for Dry Environment Footwear Sanitation

For dry and semi-dry food processing facilities, the Sole Clean Dry Step sanitizes any style of footwear in just 12 seconds. This new footwear hygiene technology features the automated application of a proprietary alcohol-quat chemical blend which sanitizes and then evaporates quickly post application to reduce moisture accumulation around the system. 

Designed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination from footwear, when the Sole Clean Dry Step is combined with Meritech's automated handwashing systems, it provides a full employee hygiene protocol that is cGMP and compliant with all food safety standards and regulations.  

  • Overview
  • Overview

    • Fast Evaporating D2 EPA registered sanitizer 
    • Accommodates any style of footwear
    • Removes 99.98% of pathogens
    • Can combine with CleanTech 2000S & 4000S
    • Reduces cross-contamination risks
    • Solution empty indicator lights
    • Easy clean hygienic design
  • Specifications
  • Specifications

    • Water Consumption: 2.4 - 2.8 GPM at 40 PSI
    • Electrical: 100-250 VAC, single phase, 17 Watts or .14 amps
    • Plumbing Inlet: 2 - 3/4" male garden hose, minimum 4 GPM, 1650 F Max 40-50 PSI maximum, cold line (Pressure regulator not supplied with system.)
    • Drain: 3/4" female pipe thread on trough drain, active pan drain & system drain ball valve. 2 - 4' drain tubes included. (Floor drain required.)
    • Solutions Storage: 10L & 20L container w/wall mount bracket
    • Solutions: Required solutions provided by Meritech (Other solutions will void warranty.)
  • Available Options
  • Available Options

    • Adjustable sole depth
    • Customized cycle time
    • Ready indicator light
    • Optional cart for solution storage
  • Ideal Markets
  • Ideal Markets

    The Sole Clean Dry Step is ideal for markets with strict employee sanitation regimens and needing reliable footwear sanitation in a dry or semi-dry production environment. Visit your market for more insight into other available Meritech solutions.